How to Reduce The Cost of Sage Intacct Integrated Payments

If You Can't Save on Rates, There are Other Ways to Save on Sage Intacct Integrated Payments How many promotions do you receive in the mail every month pledging lower rates on your credit card processing fees? If you've ever been tempted to check out one of these offers, you probably were told there's no actual way to do any better than what you currently pay. Here are some lesser-known but just as effective, ways to lower your monthly costs with methods other than your Sage Intacct credit card processing rates. If nothing else, this endless stream of junk mail from these processors demonstrates a very clear willingness to undercut the competition for your processing business. Just ask anyone in the payment industry, and they will have at least one tale of woe that ends in losing a long-term client because another company promised a better price. They may be willing to cut into their own revenue just to win your business.